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William Harms
Hangar 13

William Harms

Narrative Director

William has been a professional writer since the mid-1990s and have written for some the largest and most prestigious entertainment companies in the world. His specialty is writing for video games, and he has a deep understanding of how narrative and gameplay intersect and inform each other. He's led writing teams of various sizes and built the narrative department for Mafia III from the ground-up.

Some of the games William worked on
William on Game Access '17

How 1968 Shaped the Characters and World of Mafia III
Bill Harms, Narrative Director at Hangar 13 and Lead Writer of Mafia III, discusses the challenges involved in creating a video game set in New Bordeaux, a fictional version of New Orleans, during the tumultuous time-period of 1968. Bill will delve in to the research and development process that informed the game's characters and overarching narrative, and the decisions that drove the inclusion of sensitive issues such as the era's racial tensions.