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Petr Fodor

Petr Fodor

Founder & Chief Marketing Agent

Peter is continually challenging the status quo on the way things are done. Everything can always be done better than it is being done. He has a big passion for mobile marketing and a strong entrepreneurial approach. His specialties are mobile marketing, go-to-market strategy, user acquisition, growth tactics and App Store Optimization. Peter regularly publishes at his blog ( and at industry portals such as,, Business of Apps and others.

Petr on Game Access '17

Why you should start development with a market research
As a game developer, you’ve probably failed and you know how it hurts to see thousands of hours and $$$ flushed down the toilet. The natural tendency is to jump on a great idea and start creating an awesome game. Yet it might be a good idea to look at the data first and verify how big the audience is, what are the category trends, how much it will cost to acquire a user, which markets are the best fit or even what’s the best name for your game, icon or visual style. So, come and hear tips & tricks on how to increase your chances for success!