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Martin Šimeček

Martin Šimeček

Technical Evangelist

Martin works as a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft Czech Republic & Slovakia. His job is to discover and learn what’s new with Microsoft technologies for developers and pass this information onward, so that developers have enough information to be efficient and benefit from the technology. He does trainings and consulting, he talks at conferences and works with ISV parters on their projects and in his spare time he plays computer and console games. His primary areas of focus are Microsoft Azure, mobile apps, gaming and conversational bots.

Martin on Game Access '17

Cloud for game developers
Tapping into the virtually unlimited power of „THE CLOUD“ can level up your game. In this talk we will look at some of the technology Microsoft provides to game developers to achieve global scalability, better resource management, large data storage, compute infrastruture, smart analysis and AI. Specific examples included.