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Konrad Czernik

Konrad Czernik

Lead Concept Artist / Character Art Director

Konrad is a Character Art Director and Lead Concept Artist with longstanding experience in game development, commercials and animation. He is with Techland since 2006 and during this time he had a chance to experience a lot of adventures and learn new skills. He had the pleasure to work on small and big projects with various and amazing talented people, designing characters, environment and all kind of assets for Techland's games. Currently he is creating immersive and complex vision and sets of emotionally evolving characters for Techland's AAA game, focusing on cohesion, visual attractiveness and intense feelings of believable world.

Games Konrad worked on
Konrad on Game Access '17

Character Design for games
During prelection we will see what are the stages of designing immersive, readible and believe characters. Video games became responsible medium of telling stories and building emotional impact between cause and player. We build impressive worlds and tell it's story through characters and cohesion with whole project. Presentation will show us how we became more responsible, sensible and efficient creators and see complete process of designing interesting characters.