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Daniel Maslovsky

Daniel Maslovsky

Head of Marketing

From university through a short corporate detour straight to the job of his life (and dreams). Daniel has been working at Craneballs for five years and has been growing together with the company. From a junior Community Manager to overseeing the launch of mobile titles Overkill 2 & 3 on Google Play and Apple Appstore to the Head of Marketing on Planet Nomads - the first PC title and by far the biggest game by Craneballs.

Daniel on Game Access '17

How Games with Balls Are Made
What's the history of Craneballs? How did a love-project of three friends became a 20-people big affair in just two years? What were the pitfalls and what were the moments of glory? How has an independently-run studio without pressure from publishers or shareholders managed to stay in business for years? Take a peek behind the curtain of Ostrava-based game-developer studio where twenty-something youngsters keep attacking the top positions of global leaderboards.