GameDev Areathis projects is a part of GameDev Area initiative

And what should you expect?

  • Walk amongst movie heroes
  • Take advantage of a luxury open buffet
  • Get thematic drinks and snacks
  • Be amazed by a exquisite bartender show
  • Adore dazzling hostesses
  • Tune in for live music
  • Reach the stars via 4 telescopes
  • Experience legendary world in Virtual Reality
  • Take a photo with movie props and background

This party is exclusive for Premium Pass holders and a few lucky ones, don`t miss out on this!



He has vanished. In his absence, no Developers’ Conference in Brno has been organized. Though the sinister First Order has set out to destroy him, his whereabouts remained unknown and his legacy undamaged.

Many game enthusiasts wished for his return so he could restore the balance to the galaxy. Countless expeditions have been sent out to seek him, yet none was successful.

Only when the most daring pilot received a clue about his hideout, he was found and when he learned what people desire, he couldn’t stay aside.

Now he gathered a brave Team and continues on his journey to planet Sono, where he shall strike again…